Xeerpa Scores

After receiving and analyzing the information gethered through the Xeerpa Connections, Xeerpa calculates and establishes the functionality of the profiles based on different categories. Each one of these categories is considered a Score, and has a punctuation based on the calculation of different variables obtained from the information shared by the profiles on the SSNN.

These categories cover a spectrum of values, from the profile's influence with the rest of the profiles in his network (friends, followers, etc.) to the interest he has shown towards the brand's publications.

This is the resume of the Scores:


Fan Value

This punctuation is based on three different Scores: Influence, Engagement and Promotional. The most valuable profiles have a Gold Medal, whereas the profiles with lower values have a Grey Medal.


Score of Influence

This Score measures the SSNN social influence of the profile, based on:

- The number of friends of the profile on Facebook, followers on Twitter, contacts on LinkedIn, etc.

- The amount of content published by the profile

- The response obtained from the profile's friends on those publications (Likes, Comments, Shares, Twits, RTs and Favs)


Score of Centrality

This Score shows the level of influence, measured between 0 and 10, that the profile has over the rest of the profiles of that same brand's data base.

The Score of Centrality permits to identify the profiles that potentially have the ability to influence the rest of them, being the ones with more connections.


Score of Engagement

Measures the amount of interactions the profile has with the wall of the Facebook Fanpage or the brand's Twitter account. These interactions can be:

Likes in an album, photo or video published by the brand

Replies to questions asked by the brand

Content publications (photos, videos, etc.) in the Fanpage of the Brand

Comments about the brand in the wall of the profile or of the brand

- Any interaction with the twits of the brand (RT, Fav, Comment, etc.)

- If the profile is a Follower of the brand on Twitter

The Score of Engagement also considers variables like the antiqueness as a Fan or the amount of times that he participates in the Apps published by the brand.


Promotional Level

Xeerpa reads the walls of the profiles looking for references to raffles, promotions and sweepstake participations, and assigns a value which measures the promotional ratio on the wall of the profile. Xeerpa also checks if the profile is following Facebook fanpages or Twitter accounts dedicated to advertise promotions, raffles and toss-ups.

The highest punctuations will be assigned to the profiles with less promotional content.

Imagine a user who has no interest in promotions, he never participates in sweepstakes, contests.. in short, he is not interested in the gifts given by brands. Xeerpa knows this because by analysing his timeline and likes no reference to this type of promotions is found. Xeerpa will give you a promotional score of 10. We prefer to give him a high score because we believe it is something positive, considering that he is a high value user because he has been attracted in an organic way (not promotional).

Now, imagine an user with the opposite behavior, he is always looking for promotions and gifts, and he is probably in the client's database attracted for this promotions, more than his love to the brand. Xeerpa will give you a promotional score of 0

So in the Promotioner score the highest value 10 is given to the least promotioner users, as we understand being a promotioner is not a positive thing. However if you are always after give-aways and participating in contests, which could be seen as something negative because you are not perhaps that interested in the brand itself but rather in the prize, your score will be closer to 0.

Nonetheless this value should not be seen in isolation: Imagine a case where a person is a heavy promotioner but at the same time shows great affinity with the brand.


Score of Interest

Each profile will be assigned a 0 to 10 punctuation on each one of the more than 300 Categories of Xeerpa. When a Segment is created, the profiles with a punctuation higher than 5 on the relevant Category will be included, but if the Segment is supposed to be more specific, the interest level can be adjusted:

1 Line: > 0 Low interest 

- 2 Lines: => 5 medium interest

- 3 Lines: => 7 high interest 

- 4 Lines: => 9 (Very high interest)

To assign these levels of interest, Xeerpa assesses the number of Likes the profile has on that Category compared with the rest of the profiles, not only based on the brand or product, but based on the Facebook overall.