Xeerpa Overview

Xeerpa is a data gathering and analyzing tool which allows companies to obtain valuable information about the social media profiles of their users via social logins (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) integrated on the companies websites, mobile apps, Wi-Fi hotspots or promotions (EasyPromos and Cool-Tabs). Using your own social login or Xeerpa Connect (Xeerpa's social login plugin), and with explicit users consent, Xeerpa obtains and analyzes the users social data including: passions, interests, favorite brands and products, places visited, level of social influence, and loyalty to specific brands, partners, or competitors. All this information is available in Xeerpa's Dashboard, an intuitive interface where you can:

  • Sort, segment and analyze the social profile of each user
  • Complement your Customer Database, CRM platforms, DMPs, etc. with social data
  • Identify Top Influencers and Brand Ambassadors
  • Create advanced segments of users based on their interests, places, and other social indicators
  • Design a content recommendation and personalization strategy using social data

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  • For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team through support@xeerpa.com