Xeerpa FAQs

Facebook already gives me all this information 

Facebook does offer certain analytics, but only aggregated stats and not individual user profiles.


My agency already gives me this service / I use some other tools that do this

It might be true, but this is the usual statement when people confuse social listening with social network profiling. There are many Listening solutions that “listen” to the conversations occurring in the social networks, searching for specific keywords or subjects. These solutions provide good information about the conversations themselves (sentiment for instance), but offer very limited information about the people actually engaging in those conversations. Xeerpa is the #1 social network profiling solution, analysing the social profiles of those users. They are therefore complementary technologies.


Does Xeerpa analyse sentiment?

No, this would be done by listening or semantic analysis solutions. Xeerpa does some semantic analysis to identify key conversation topics or mentions to the brand, but no sentiment is analysed. Typically, our clients would also have a Listening/semantics solution that can import the posts/twits gathered by Xeerpa and analyse them more specifically.


I already have 150,000 fans in my fan page, will I get the full profile of each of them?

Not immediately. By connecting Xeerpa to your brand’s social login or campaign in Facebook, you will obtain the profiles of those users who use the social buttons or participate in the promo. It is therefore an incremental process where the number of users profiled by Xeerpa will keep on increasing.

How long will it take me to get the profiles of the 150,000 users?

It depends on how successful the campaigns are, or how many users your brand is capable to attract to the website/app. It is true that the data generated by Xeerpa helps brands understand their audience much better and define more accurate targets for the campaigns, which in return should become more efficient and successful and therefore should have an impact on user engagement and participation.

If I start with 0 users and I have 150,000 in Facebook, how many users will I need in Xeerpa to make my analysis relevant?

A sample of around 500 users may be enough to start obtaining valuable insights.

Besides, although the sample may be small, we can amplify the volume of our target through tools like the Look-Alike search that Facebook offers when launching an ad campaign. The Look-Alike feature allows the client to reach a wider audience by telling Facebook to show the ad to people who look alike the target Xeerpa has identified.

Will I also get information about the users’ friends and contacts?

No. The social networks policies don’t allow access to the data of people who have not explicitly consented to share their data. This consent can only happen through social login, therefore in order to obtain their profile, we need them to also use the social buttons and agree to the permissions prompt. Besides, European data protection laws don’t allow the creation of databases with data from people who have not explicitly consented to this, so there are the social network barrier and also the legal terms of the data protection laws.

Can I obtain the user’s profile just by making her/him on my page’s I Like?

No, due to the social network policies and data protection laws as described earlier.


Does Xeerpa classify the Likes through the categories list from Facebook?

No. This is a key selling point for Xeerpa: The system currently offers almost 400 categories of interest, compared to the very few Facebook has. For instance, Facebook has a category for “Food and Beverages”, while in Xeerpa there are specific categories and subcategories for things like Cereals, Organic Food, Coffee, Chocolate, Wine, Spirits… This greatly improved and more accurate classification allows a lot more precision when selecting specific targets. Xeerpa classifies both Likes in Facebook and Followings in Twitter.


Can I send emails to the users profiled by Xeerpa?

Once the user connects through social login and accepts the permissions prompt, Xeerpa can acquire, analyse and store the data so your brand can use it for analytical purposes. European data protection laws require an extra step in order to be able to send direct emails or calls to the user: the user must accept an opt-in typically placed next to the login buttons or in the registration forms: “Yes I accept to receive marketing communications”. Xeerpa stores whether the user agreed to this or not, allowing the client to skip these users when selecting targets.


Is this the Robinson list?

Yes, users who do not check the box to do the opt-in are called “Robinsons”, or members of the “Robinson List”.

Can I target them through advertising in Facebook (Custom Audiences) or Twitter?

Yes, since these options wouldn’t be considered as direct advertising.


What does Xeerpa do with my users’ data?

By contract, Xeerpa acts as a data agent on behalf of the client. Therefore Xeerpa cannot share, sell or publish any of this information.


What are the legal implications of generating this database of users’ data?

Xeerpa will generate a database which the client must register under the local data protection body or regulator, just like any other database or data that the client may have obtained about customers through other means.


Must I change the usage policies of my website or apps? Must they state that I’m using Xeerpa?

No, all the legal terms and conditions may be similar to the ones currently used. Xeerpa is totally transparent to the end user, so nothing has to change in these aspects.


How many people decide not to participate when the permissions prompt is shown?

The social networks provide a long list of permissions that brands can ask their users for. However Xeerpa recommends just 4 or 5 that are not intrusive and therefore have great acceptance, still providing very rich information about the users. Typically, 70-80% of the users accept the permissions.


How is the process affected by the recent changes in the Facebook policies?

From April 30th 2015 any Facebook apps which request information from the users such as the Likes, posts or geo-locations must go through an approval process by which your brand has to submit the url of the app or website so Facebook can review how the app is making use of that information requested from the user. Facebook wants to make sure that the end user perceives that the app or website is making use of the data, and how this usage enhances user experience. Once submitted the url and explanation as to how the app is using the data, Facebook will give a negative or positive response within 3-7 days.

Therefore the apps must include functionality that proves the usage of the data, enhancing user experience. Development teams can include whichever functionality helps them receive Facebook’s approval; Xeerpa has developed some widgets that can be easily incorporated into any website, providing functionality that has already been accepted by Facebook. Although the validation process must still occur, using these widgets is the easiest and quickest option to obtain Facebook’s OK. These widgets are facilitated free of charge to Xeerpa clients.


What types of apps can I connect to Xeerpa?

- Your brand’s website, through the social login buttons in the login or customer area..

For example http://www.mahou.es

- Apps or games for smartphones or tablets

For example the app to read the news from El Pais.

- Loyalty clubs

Just like with the websites. For example http://www.clubshiseido.es

- Free wifi

More and more shopping centres, stores, events, etc provide free wifi to their customers. Enabling social login in these initiatives is a great way to obtain the profiles of the users who log in.

- Promos in Facebook

Many brands launch contests and promotion sin their fan pages, that can also be connected to Xeerpa.

- Promotional microsites

Typically websites for a specific campaign. It’s a great way to “use Facebook outside of Facebook.”


Which social networks does Xeerpa support?

Currently Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. YouTube and Instagram will come next; their implementation may be speeded up based on specific client’s requests.


When a user connects with his Facebook account, how can I also get his data from Twitter?

It’s not possible unless the user also logs in with his Twitter account. Typically brands will offer incentives to invite the user to do this, for example additional points in a loyalty or gamification initiative, a discount or coupon, or access to certain content. When users do connect with an account in another social network, Xeerpa unifies her/his profile.


Which social networks should I use?

It all depends on what information you would like to obtain, and where your users are. Facebook will provide the most in-depth social profile (interests, geo-locations…), typically valued by B2C brands. LinkedIn provides mainly information about the educational and professional background, perhaps more adequate for B2B or universities, business schools or job-search companies.


Why do I want to know so much about my users?

Only with an in-depth understanding of your users you may be able to select specific targets and personalise your campaigns and contents, improving their efficiency, impact and ROI. Besides, you can truly turn your CRM into a “Social CRM” by complementing it with the social data.


Will I be able to have information about my competitors?

Yes, your users’ profile may contain information about their engagement with your competitors, partners or other brands. Xeerpa will let you analyse these users and discover insights about them.


Can I complement my CRM, Business Intelligence platform or DatawareHouse with the data coming from Xeerpa?

Yes, through Xeerpa’s API consisting of a series of web services. We have already done integrations with Microsoft Dynamics or SalesForce, but we could connect to any other system.


How long does it take to start using Xeerpa? How do I get started?

Xeerpa is offered as a SaaS, so it doesn’t require of any installation or development at the client’s infrastructure. The client would simply have to connect Xeerpa to their social login buttons or apps, which can be done within a few hours. Facebook’s approval would take 3-7 days.

Connecting to the social login in website, mobile app or wi-fi

If the social login is already implemented, the client would put Xeerpa in touch with the client’s development team in order to connect it to Xeerpa. Approximate timing: 1-2 weeks.

If the social login is not implemented yet, the client will need to implement it and then connect Xeerpa, or the client can subscribe to our social login plugin Xeerpa Connect. With Xeerpa Connect, both integration of plugin and Xeerpa has an approximate timing of 1-2 weeks.

Connecting to a promo or contest

A) If they develop the app, same timings apply as with social login

B) If they use an app from a partner such as Cool-Tabs or EasyPromos Xeerpa could be up and running in 1 week.


Who is using Xeerpa?

Shiseido, Iberia, Mahou San Miguel, Bankinter, AT Madrid, Stage Entertainment, Grupo Prisa, Unidad Editorial… (see client list in website).


What is the likely ROI?

Clients shouldn’t expect an immediate ROI for Xeerpa. Xeerpa brings a new business strategy that implies a deeper knowledge of their customers and fans and that should translate to better and more personalised campaigns which in turn should translate to more efficient and cheaper actions, more targeted. It is therefore difficult to measure a specific ROI specially in the initial period that will mainly consist of obtaining data.

However certain benefits are immediate:

- Some clients are happy just with obtaining the email of their users, something they haven’t been obtaining until now.

- It should be easy to measure the differences in Open-Rates and Click-Through-Rates of mailing campaigns before segmenting and after segmenting with Xeerpa. Proof is Canal+ case study.


Ok, I’m interested, how can I run a trial?

By connecting your website’s social buttons or app to Xeerpa. Simply put us in touch with your development team or provider and we’ll help them connect it to Xeerpa. In the case of Facebook, we will also provide support in the permissions approval process. You can also quickly launch a campaign through one of our partners like www.cool-tabs.com , which apps are already connected to Xeerpa.

Once connected to the website or app, Xeerpa will analyse the users that participate, providing results from day 1.
Xeerpa is a subscription based SaaS, so they can start monthly and stop when they wish. Anual subscriptions are 10% cheaper.