What are Social Network Applications

A social network application is an interactive software interface developed to utilize the core technologies of the social media platform. In order to make use of the user authentication functionalities and request user permissions, you'll need to create your own social network applications which will facilitate the implementation of your social login buttons.


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Creating social network applications

Each social login option you implement (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) requires you to create a social network application using the developers portal of the corresponding social media platform. So, for example, if you want to implement both a Facebook login button and a Twitter login button, you'd need to create two separate Social Network Applications: one for Facebook via the Facebook developers portal, and one for Twitter via the Twitter developer's portal. The same applies across all social platforms. 



To create your Social Network Application you'll need the following information:

  • Display Name – Name of the app or promotion
  • Contact Email – Either yours or the email of the agency managing the promotion
  • URLs of your company’s Privacy Policy or that of the promotion itself.
  • App icon – Image for the promotion; 1024x1024 pixels (transparent background)
  • URL of the website or promotion


Using social network applications in multiple websites

It is possible to use the same social network app in multiple websites or mobile apps, making it easier to manage the various digital channels your company may have (websites, apps for mobile devices, promotions, Wi-Fi hotspots…). Please check with our support team to correctly configure social network applications for multiple channels.


Special considerations for Facebook applications

For the implementation of Facebook social login buttons, there are a few considerations you should bear in mind when planning and designing your website/mobile applicaiton/WiFi hotspot/promo:

  • Permissions: By default Facebook allows you to request permissions for a small set of 3 very basic datapoints: name, age range, …etc. However, for certain user permissions, Facebook will require you to demonstrate how your website or mobile application complies with Facebook's current data privacy policy. You will need to submit your website to Facebook for a review process, where your website or app will be reviewed and will need to obtain approval before you can start obtaining these data points.
  • Facebook's review process: In order to be able to request user permissions and access advanced social user data, your Facebook application must be approved through a review process that can take anywhere from 3-5 days. As part of this process, Facebook will review the website/mobile applicaiton/WiFi hotspot/promo in which you intend to implement your Facebook login button. Your website, promo, etc does not have to be live and in its final form, but your social login buttons do need to be functional in order for Facebook to enter and check that your use of the social user data improves the user's experience, according to Facebook’s policies. To help you meet compliance requirements, Xeerpa has developed a set of widgets, which are easy to install and enhance your app with the neccessary features and characteristics requested by Facebook.
  • Widgets: To request permissions for advanced social user data such as user likes, places visited, or posts, your Facebook application will need to meet Facebook's requirements in terms of data usage, which are slightly more stringent than those of other social networks. To ease this process and help you comply with Facebook policies, Xeerpa has developed a set of widgets that, once implemented on your website or mobile application, will help you incorporate the necessary functionalities to satisfy Facebook's requirements. Setup is easy: just insert a simple snippet of code (a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript) provided by Xeerpa in an empty div anywhere within your website or mobile application.



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