Screens Bar Overview

Xeerpa's Dashboard is divided in different sections which allow the Client work with multiple combinations of search filters.

The first horizontal section is the Screens Bar, in which there are a few different Screens, besides the access to the system logs. These are the available Screens in Xeerpa:

Interests Interests - List of the Likes of the filtered users, divided by Categories
People Profiles - List of the filtered users, and their Scores

Locations - Map with the relative situations of the places the filtered users have logged in from

Hastags Hastags - Top´s hastags by users
Auth Up Xeerpa Auth (only with BackEnd Auth method) - Multiple graphics with information related to the volumes of logins per day, demographic details, social networks and brands, of the filtered users
Apps Apps - List of the Client's Xeerpa Connections
Personality Personality Insights - This tag shows details such as Personality, needs and user´s values
Buyer Persona Buyer Persona - Obtain buyer personas setting filters up