This Screen lists the filtered profiles and show a resume of their personal file, including the Xeerpa Scores considered: Profile Value, Influence, Centrality, Engagement and Promotional Interest.

Profiles 1

Clicking in a particular profile will open up that profile's personal file, where you can find all the information he has published on his Social Networks and the results obtained after being treated by Xeerpa.

Thanks to the Xeerpa's treatment you will be able to understand his personal interests, know his career path, read what he's talking about on his Facebook wall, see where he's travelled to, gather his contact information, etc.

Just like any general Interest or Category, following the same steps as in the Interests Screen, the profile's personal interests can also be used as a filter for another search. Placing the mouse cursor over the Interest and clicking in the lens will put that Category in the Filters Bar.

On top of that, you can use a particular profile as a filter by clicking in the lens on the profile's avatar:

Profiles 2

You can also delete a profile from the Xeerpa's Dashboard by pressing the X next to his name.