Personality Insights

Personality Insights 

Xeerpa has recently added Watson's Personality Insights to its analytics. This Tecnology is capable of predicting personality insights, needs and users' values based on the way they express themselves on Social Networks, providing a complete analysis of not only the interests, hobbies, favourite products and brands or geo-locations of each user, now combined with an in-depth analysis of her/his personality and consumption preferences, allowing for an even more advanced personalisation in marketing campaigns.

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Personality 1

Personality Features

Having developed Watson Personality Insights to calculate these metrics based on the analysis of the comments and tweets published by users.

Big Five

Sometimes they’re called OCEAN for short: Openness to experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. The higher the degree of Openness, the more willing you are to engage in new and intense experiences and take risks. Less and the more you’re focused on routines, perhaps more pragmatic. The more conscientious you are, the less you’ll jump on a last minute plan and the more dutifully or reliably you’ll act. Extraversion measures how outgoing or reserved you are; agreeableness measures how cooperative or antagonistic. Neuroticism, or emotional range, measures how much you react emotionally to your environment.

KPIs provided by IBM Watson Personality Insights

Personality - Agreeableness             

Altruism, Cooperation, Modesty, Sympathy, Trust and Uncompromising.

Personality - Conscientiousness  

Achievement, striving, CauJousness, DuJfulness, Orderliness, Self-discipline and Self-efficacy.    

Personality - Emotional range    

Fiery, Immoderation, Melancholy, Prone to worry, Self-consciousness and Susceptible to stress.

Personality - Extraversion

Activity level, Assertiveness, Cheerfulness, Excitement-seeking, Gregariousness and Outgoing.

Personality - Openness  

Adventurousness, Artistic interests, Authority-challenging, Emotionality,Imagination and Intellect.

Dimensiones Personalidad

Needs and Values

The WPI model also incorporates and studies a person’s “needs” and “values”. There are 12 “needs” (excitement, curiosity, harmony, ideal, closeness, self-expression, liberty, love, practicality, stability, challenge, structure) which can be used to identify what parts of a certain product or service will speak most to a person.

The “values” analyse the reasons a person marshals when making a decision, such as to buy or not to buy. There are five of them used in the model: self-transcendence or helping others (shows concern for the welfare and interests of others); conservation/tradition (emphasizes self-restriction, order, and resists change); hedonism/taking pleasure in life (seeks pleasure and sensuous gratification); self-enhancement/achieving success (seeks personal success); open to change/excitement (emphasizes independent action, thought, and feeling, and displays a readiness for new experiences).

Lo Que Les Mueve

Watson can draw up a personality chart for a certain person (independent of their age, gender, or culture) through a textual analysis of words they have written, either a running text or their social media feeds. This melding of linguistic analysis and psychological modelling can produce very specific personality profiles for customers without going through lengthy personality tests which necessarily have smaller samples. All the model needs to get to work are at least 100 words.

With this information in hand you can find out your customer’s consumption preferences. The preferences are divided into eight categories: shopping, music, movies, reading and learning, health and activity, volunteering, interest in the environment, and entrepreneurship.