This Screen shows an interactive World Map with the registered locations of the filtered profiles.

These locations will be displayed in groups based on the proximity to each other, which will expand after zooming in a particular area. The groups will have different colors depending on the amount of profiles compiled in them, and singular locations will show a single red mark in the map.

In this map, you can filter by country, date, city... Placing the mouse cursor over the users's box of a country will pop a small window up, showing the amount of residents, national visitors and foreign visitors that we have gathered.


We consider a national visitor a person from the country we are using to filter. If we filter by Spain, the national visitors could be Spanish people who live out of Spain and have come back visiting at some point. The foreign visitors will be, for example, French people who have traveled to Madrid. This is applicable to every country.

From this pop-up we can open the location filter configuration options. In this window, we will be able to select the dates and define regions, states, cities, towns, and also filter by national or foreign visitors, residents or all.


Just like any other filter, this one can be opened and applied from any Screen of the Dashboard, and it's cumulative with other locations's filters and the rest of the options of the filters bar. That way, we can set up complex segments based on locations, dates and user information.

In this example, we have used these filters to obtain a very specific list of Spanish people who never visited France, but did visit UK in 2021 who logged in through Facebook, are only male, and are very influent and have the highest User Value Score.



On this Screen, Click on Residents so that, You will see places where your users live.


If you click on Spain you will see a list of the cities and if you clik on the city you will see villages of the city.


Also this information can be downloaded by clickin on the buton showing below.


Descarga Excel