Introduction: Legal and Security

Xeerpa helps the brands know each one of their customers in more detail, analyzing the large amounts of data they share through the most popular Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

Xeerpa creates one to one profiles of the fans of these brands (Xeerpa’s Clients), and stores them in a database specifically designed to accurately analyse and create segments of users to select more specific targets for marketing campaigns, increasing their efficiency and return on investment. This information is also useful to improve customer experience and to be integrated into the CRM and Business Intelligence platforms.

Xeerpa is designed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) product which allows an instant setup, though it is necessary to explain the legal and technical implications arising from using the service and obtaining such personal data from users.

This document’s goal is, therefore, to explain the following topics:

  1. The service provided by Xeerpa

  2. Legal implications of using the Xeerpa service

  3. Technical implications of using the Xeerpa service

Different points of interest in this document:

  1. Description of the usual scenario

  2. Explanation of the differences between Xeerpa and its Client, and between Xeerpa’s Client and its Users

  3. Information related to Data Protection

  4. Security Policies applied to keep Xeerpa’s Client’s data safe and meet the Data Protection normatives

  5. Technologies used by Xeerpa