Xeerpa helps companies obtain and analyze valuable information about the social media profiles of users via Social Logins (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) integrated on websites, mobile apps, Wi-Fi hotspots or promotions and contests.

Having the user logged in through a social login, and under explicit user consent, Xeerpa obtains and analyzes social user data including the individual passions, interests, favorite brands and products, places visited, level of social influence, and loyalty to specific brands, partners, or competitors of each user.

Initial review and requirements for Xeerpa Integration with Facebook:

Xeerpa Integration Phases


Xeerpa product range includes:

  • Xeerpa Connect
    Xeerpa Connect is a social login plugin that allows any website, campaign, W-Fi- portal or mobile app implement the necessary functionality to allow users to sign in or participate using their favorite social network. 

    There are some different options to be considered to integrate Xeerpa:

    • Xeerpa Connect BackAuth: this is the recommended choice if your portal doesn't have a Social Login integrated yet. Through the PHP files we will send you, we will provide you with the implementation of social login buttons for the most popular social networks on your website, app or WiFi hotspot.


      • Xeerpa BackAuth takes care of all calls to the social network API; Xeerpa will handle all communication with the social network API so the developers just need to integrate the app with Xeerpa, i.e. They don’t have to learn how the social network API works, and maintain possible changes and updates
      • When using Xeerpa BackAuth, Xeerpa will provide more analytics in terms of number of using connecting at different time frames, stats etc
      • When using Xeerpa BackAuth, it’s very easy to add/remove social networks to the social login; since Xeerpa will handle all communications with the social network API, the developers don’t need to worry about how the Google, Twitter or LinkedIn APIs work, for instance.
    • Xeerpa Connect Discovery: Connect your existing social login buttons to the Xeerpa service to analyze the social media profile of the users. Xeerpa Connect Discovery is compatible with providers such as EasyPromos and Cool Tabs.
    • Xeerpa Connect Widgets: This Widget will personalise the user experience in your web or app presenting the users with customized contents and offers, based on their individual profiles and in line with the regulations set by the data protection agencies. Please check this document if you require more information about this Widget.

      The Xeerpa Connect Widget is designed to be useful to obtain the additional permissions your Facebook App will require.
Implementing your Social Login or connection to Xeerpa?
In this link you have step by step instructions of how to implement your Social Login and connection with Xeerpa.
    Xeerpa Dashboards
    Xeerpa's intuitive interface where you visualize and analyze both individual user profiles and aggregated information, with capabilities to create segments and select targets for more personalised and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Xeerpa Enterprise API
    Access the users' information through Xeerpa's REST API, providing connectivity with your website, app or Wi-Fi portal in real time.
  • Xeerpa Enterprise DB
    Schedule periodic exports from Xeerpa directly to your servers.