In this Screen, the users will be able to see a list of Categories and Subcategories of Interest, compounded by the fanpages liked by the profiles who have logged in through any of your Xeerpa Connections.

The Subcategories can be displayed by clicking in the arrow on the left side of each Category.

Intereses 1

Each Category and Subcategory have their own Benchmark punctuation, which can be used to compare the interest that the overall profiles show about multiple topics.

You can use this Benchmark punctuation as a filter, adding it to the Filters bar by placing the cursor over the blue meter and clicking in the highlighted lens:

Intereses 2

On the right side of the Screen, you can see three different filters for the resulted fanpages: Popular Likes, Representative Likes and Singular Likes:


Each filter can be used for a specific different search:

Popular Likes 
These are the fanpages liked by your profiles on Facebook. In this Demo, 15% of the total profiles like Privalia on Facebook, and only 11% like Primark.

This filter can be really useful in terms of identifying the overall trending brands and social streams.

Representative Likes
This option will show you the fanpages with a higher representation among your profiles, compared with the overall interest in Facebook.

A fanpage only liked by 0,01% of the overall Facebook population, can be liked by 30% of the profiles logged in through any of your Applications, making that fanpage quite representative among your profiles.

From this Screen, you can also add specific fanpages to the Filters bar, by placing the cursor over the thumbnail of the fanpage and clicking on the lens:


You can also see the details of a particular fanpage by clicking in the thumbnail itself, which will show you the age and sex rates of the profiles who like it, and a timeline showing the evolution of the amount of likes.

Fan Page Details