Installation Overview

Initial review and requirements for Xeerpa Integration with Facebook:

Xeerpa Integration Phases


There are two options when implementing Xeerpa:


I don't have social login, yet!

Great! Let us sweat the small stuff so you don't have to; just sit back and let Xeerpa do all the work. This is the quickest and most convenient way to connect with Xeerpa, designed for companies that prefer to externalize the process of authentication with social networks. You won't have to worry about multiple API callbacks or micro changes in the technicalities of accessing social data from various social networks. Additionally, we'll make sure that you meet all the requirements for accessing the most valuable (advanced) social user data like geotags, comments, etc.




I already have a social login

If you'd rather handle your social login integrations yourself (manually) we've developed an alternative web service solution called Xeerpa Discovery. This solution requires you to launch a series of calls to our web service, with a specific set of parameters, such as the session token, user ID, etc, each time a user connects via your social login. This allows Xeerpa to process the user's social data and generate an individual user profile in your Xeerpa Dashboard.