Implemented Technology


Xeerpa utilizes the latest generation technologies to process high volumes of data and guarantee its security and the accesses to it, as required by Xeerpa’s Clients.


Xeerpa utilizes physical nodes with virtual machines for the core and virtualized machines for the exclusive access of each Client of its Xeerpa Enterprise product range. Depending on specific requirements of each Client, Xeerpa uses Linux or Windows as it is part of the Microsoft’s BizSpark program. Xeerpa currently deploys its service over more than one hundred servers.



The Databases used by Xeerpa are based on the MongoDB technology, which is a non-relational Database widely utilized and recognized as robust and reliable, providing great performance with large volumes of data.

The Database technology utilized by Xeerpa allows the platform to be prepared to process these high volumes of data. Xeerpa utilizes server replication technology to offer data triplication in order to provide outstanding service stability and reliability.

Own Software

All the software utilized by Xeerpa is 100% developed by Xeerpa, from the graphic interface to the complex statistical analysis that Xeerpa utilizes.

Xeerpa utilizes the following programming languages:

  • Node.js

  • Javascript

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

Besides, Xeerpa also applies the R Package to perform statistical analysis which are applied to its software.