Implement your Social Login

Xeerpa Connect facilitates the implementation of your Social Login and its integration with Xeerpa's analytical engine, as well as the personalization of the user experience in your website or app, for users who choose to sign in with their social network account.

Whether you already have social login and want to connect it to Xeerpa, or you are using Xeerpa's social login plugin, you have two scenarios: 

Xeerpa Connect Backend Auth is not compatible with native mobile applications (Android, iOS...), instead you will be required to implement your own social login button and functionality and then establish a connection with Xeerpa Connect Discovery (Scenario 2).


Scenario 1 - Your website or app does not have social login yet: Xeerpa Connect BackAuth

If you do not have Social Login implemented on your website, Wi-Fi hotspot, or promotion, or even if you'd like to incorporate new Social Login buttons with additional social networks:


Scenario 2 - Your website or app already has social login and just needs to be integrated with Xeerpa

If you already have your Social Apps and your Social Login buttons implemented with your desired social networks, or you'd like to connect Xeerpa to your Social Login buttons on a mobile application (Android, iOS):