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GDPR - New situations for new Regulations

With the new General Data Protection Regulation, there are some situations that were not accounted for previously. We have identified these new potential situations that companies should have in mind in terms of users' rights and capability of deleting their data:

Please contact our Support Team if you do not know your Xeerpa clientId or clientPwd.

A) User consents to have a profile in Xeerpa

In this case, the brand should send us the user ID by calling our API through this URL:


The brand can also set or modify the Robinson parameter as an informative-not operational tag to specify whether the user wants to receive Commercial Communications or not by calling our API through this URL:

Keep in mind

- We strongly recommend the brand to assign a unique CRMID to each user to be able to unequivocally identify and modify any profile that may have changed his details on the brand's CRM but not in Xeerpa. If you assign duplicated IDs across different campaigns for different users, those users with same ID will be unified.

- It is also very important to update users' preferences regarding the robinson parameter with each new login or registry, in order to count with users' newest choices. The robinson parameter works under the following logic:

robinson=true : User doesn't want to receive commercial communications.

robinson=false : User wants to receive commercial communications.


B) User should not have a profile in Xeerpa

In order to comply with the new GDPR Guidelines, there are two possibilities.

The brand can automatically request the anonymization of the profile by calling our API through this URL:


If the brand wants to remove the profile instead, the profile can be completely removed by calling our API through this URL: 


If there is no user with that CRMID in the Brand's Xeerpa Database, our Service will respond "User doesn't exist" and the user won't be created.