Data protection

Why does Xeerpa recommend the Client to set up a file with high level security features if the Comments rights are requested?

All the data treated by Xeerpa will be the property of the Client’s.

Personal user data containing “specially protected data” such as ideology, Union affiliation, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health or sexual life must be set up with HIGH level security measures from the moment of the Client’s registration, as per EU regulation.

The information obtained from the Social Networks is often wide and disperse, and there is a thin difference between receiving a comment stating the user’s sexual orientation and treating it as a fact, though it implies a big legal relevance when it comes to establishing the security measures that must be implemented in relation to the file that contains those details. The consults made to the Spanish Data Protection Agency in relation to this matter have not been conclusive, and therefore Xeerpa’s recommendation is to set up high level security measures for the cases in which the comments shared in the Social Networks by the users are treated.

Other details such as Likes or geo-locations are considered MEDIUM instead of High Level by the Data Protection Agency.

The Client will not have to modify its technological infrastructure as long as the data storage is handled by Xeerpa, as the extraction, storage and analysis are performed from and in Xeerpa servers.


What happens if the Client wants to integrate Xeerpa with its CRM through Xeerpa API? Does it need to rise the CRM to a High Level Security?

No. The data sent to the CRM through the API is controlled and will not include any of the specially protected details (users’ comments) unless the client specifically requests them.

What happens if the Client wants to integrate Xeerpa with its Business Intelligence platform through Xeerpa DB? Does it need to rise the BI to a High Level Security?

Similarly, Xeerpa DB may or may not contain data defined as HIGH (comments), as requested by the Client.

Has Xeerpa contracted a Data Protection insurance?

Yes, Xeerpa is insured against possible claims related to Data Protection formal complaints, with a limit of up to €600,000.


Can a user ask for his data to be deleted?

Xeerpa provides technical mechanisms to make possible the deletion of a particular user’s data, in the terms required by the Data Protection Normative (the cancellation rights of the users who may request it).