Creating Twitter Applications

In this section, we'll go through the steps for creating and configuring a Twitter application through the Twitter developers portal.


Step 1: Create your Social Network Application

Enter: https://apps.twitter.com and register a Twitter developer account

On the first screen, click on "Create New App".

Be sure to fill in the required fields as instructed, as well as the Callback URL. The callback URL is where you should redirect the user when they complete the social login process. You can enter the callback URL at the moment of creation of your application, or come back to it later but you are required to include this URL in the configuration settings of your application so that Twitter can confirm that you own this URL and that it is secure.

After filling in the correct information, click "Create your Twitter Aplication".



Once your Twitter application is created, please send us the API Key and App SECRET at support@xeerpa.com. This information can be found under Keys and Access Tokens > Application Settings. See below:




Step 2: Configure your application

Next, go to the Permissions tab to choose which type of access your application will request.

From Permissions > Access you'll be able to configure the type of access your application needs to request. Xeerpa requires "Read only" access, but you'll see that "Read and Write" is selected by default. You are free to change this default setting or leave it as is.



In Permissions > Additional Permissions , we recommend that you configure your application to request permission to access the users' email addresses.


In order to request a user's email address, which Twitter considers an advanced user permission request, you'll have to provide a few extra pieces of information. From the Details tab, you must enter the URLs to your application's Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.