Creating Instagram Applications

In this section, we'll go through the steps for creating and configuring a Instagram application through the Instagram developers portal.


Step 1:  Create your Social Network Application

Enter: https://www.instagram.com/developer/register and register an Instagram developer account.

On the first page of the Instagram developers portal, click "Register Your Aplication".



On the next screen, click "Register a New Client" to start the process creating your application.



A pop-up will appear with fields for your to enter your desired Display Name, Contact Email and Category. Fill in the required fields, and then click "Register". Congratulation! you've successfully created your Instagram application. 



Upon creating the application, you'll be redirected to the Manage Clients tab which should now be populated with information about the application you've just created. From this screen click "Manage".




After selecting "Manage" you should see your Client ID and Client SECRET; you'll need to send Xeerpa this information at support@xeerpa.com. See below:




Step 2: Requesting user permissions with your Instagram Application

From the Permissions tab you'll be able to configure the type of access your application needs to request. In order to be able to request user permissions, your application must be approved through a review process. Xeerpa requires "Read only" access with the following permissions: public_content and follower_list.

For more information on how to pass this review process please have a look at the information provided here.