Connect with EasyPromos

In this section we will show you how to set up an EasyPromos promotion and implement it in Xeerpa.


General points to keep in mind

Please note: You will only be able to implement an EasyPromos promotion in the Facebook Social Login.



  1. Own a Xeerpa account and hold the following data (this information will be the same for all your EasyPromos promotions configured with the same Provider):

  2. Own an EasyPromos account. You can sign up in this link: http://admin.easypromosapp.com

  3. Have created a White Label EasyPromos application. You will need to have the promotion ID, which you will be able to obtain from the Administration Panel of the EasyPromos promotion.


1. Set up the EasyPromos promotion and Facebook Application

Once you have obtained the data from Xeerpa listed in the prerequisites section, and you have created a White Label Easy Promos promotion, the next step is to link the Facebook Application. These are the next steps:

  1. Log into the Administration Panel in EasyPromos: http://admin.easypromosapp.com
  2. Edit the draft White Label promotion
  3. Navigate to Integrations > Facebook in the menu on the left side and perform the following tasks:
    • Fill out the APP_ID field with the Facebook Application App ID
    • Fill out the APP_SECRET field with the Facebook Application App Secret
    • Fill out the Permission Scope field with the permissions required by Xeerpa: email,public_profile,user_likes,user_posts,user_location,user_birthday,user_gender,user_tagged_places,user_friends
    It is necessary to put all the requested permissions with the same name as Facebook requests them, and separated by comas.
    Integrations   Facebook
  4. If it's a new Facebook App the permissions will need to be approved. You can get this approval through EasyPromos. For that, you will need to:
    • Make sure that the Publish and Registry dates of the promotion are previous to the day when the permissions approval is going to be requested.


2. Enable the integration with Xeerpa

The next step is to integrate Xeerpa with the EasyPromos promotion. Once you have finished the integration with the Facebook Application, the EasyPromos App admin will need to log into the following URL:

EasyPromos App ID
URL Example
http://wl.easypromosapp.com/integrations/xeerpa/12873 for the promotion with ID: 12873.

You will need to fill out all the fields in the prompted screen with the data provided by Xeerpa.



ROBINSON Parameter

This parameter will denote whether the user has accepted the reception of commercial communications or not. This is a useful field as it will allow you to filter those users to whom you will be allowed to send commercial information and those to whom you will not. The available options for this field are:

  • Does not have this Parameter: If the user has not opted-in for the commercial communications.

  • Legal bases of the promotion: If the acceptance of the commercial communications has been included in the acceptance of the Legal Bases of the promotion.

  • Any opt-in box field of the form that may have been created will be shown. When the result of the acceptance of commercial communications' reception is exposed in any field of the form.

If the Robinson Parameter wants to be included in Xeerpa's Database, the third option will need to be selected - otherwise, that information might be stored in the EasyPromos App but it will not be sent to Xeerpa. 


Other points to keep in mind

  • In order to have the application available for testing and to be able to send the approval request, you will need to remove the limit of participation for the users

Easypromos Part Limit

  • To gather the highest amount of users possible, we recommend to be mandatory to log in with Facebook to participate in the promotion. This can be done enabling the following option in EasyPromos: 

Easypromos Facebook Mantatory