Best Practices

Using social login buttons strategically

Though social login is already the preferred authentication method of around 40% of users, this percentage can be increased by adopting certain strategies to maximize the growth potential of your social user database. Here are some tricks to incentivize your users to opt for social login:



Shiseido's "Descubre tu belleza interior" App offers an inside beauty artistic composition based on users' likes, using Xeerpa analytics to determine their interests. Tango WASO Shisheido

It is a very creative way to promote Social Login which has provided Sisheido with thousands of participations.


WiFi Hotspots

Rodilla's WiFi Hotspot is also a recommended Best Practice. Users connect to their wireless connection on the stores and they need to log in to be able to navigate.

With the same integration, Rodilla can also send us geolocation information to determine in which store is loging in each user.


WiFi Hotspots Promotions

Adidas is also offering free WiFi at their stores with a Social Login activation system, though this Social Login is slightly different from a common WiFi Hotspot: the WiFi login landing is a promotion which also offers a 10% discount on the store to every user who participates. Adidas 10 En Tienda


Screen Shot 2017 04 17 At 09.11.35

Multiple options

Spanish newspaper El País gives visitors multiple social login options to emphasize the ease of registering via social login:

Visitors to elpais.com can choose from 5 social login options (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or Microsoft) to access their user accounts. You'll note that the design is simple and concise, in harmony with the overall look and feel of the website.



ALSA "CLUB Busplus" loyalty program-Spanish bus and coach transport company ALSA offers social login as an option both above their Registration form, and prominently alongside the login button for existing users.  This careful placement of login buttons incentivizes visitors and users to connect their social media account, even after they've become members.

Placement ALSA 1


Iberia has implemented Facebook and LinkedIn social login buttons easily accessible directly from the homepage on Iberia.es. From the very first prompt, users are presented with social login as the primary registration option, as opposed to manual registration with their Iberia Plus No. The buttons are presented in a non-intrusive manner with a clear call to action, which is reinforced at other user access points throughout the rest of website anywhere visitors are prompred to log in, including at the moment of purchase.

Placing social login buttons first will encourage users to choose this method, thus providing El País with valuable profile information, which is not be available if the user chooses to sign in using the traditional email and password method.


Placement Iberia 1


An incredibly powerful strategy for incentivizing social login as the preferred authentication method is to reward users for connecting social accounts. Special promotional codes, VIP perks, 'Early Bird' access and rewards for likes or shares on social media are just a few examples of simple campaigns that can have a big effect on the growth of your social user database.


Using well crafted 'hints' and messages, companies may also verbally communicate the benefits of social login to gently prod users along in the right direction toward your social login buttons by helping them see these options as efficient time savers. For example, a company could include a helpful hint next to their social login options that says "Register in seconds" to indicate that social login only takes a few seconds. When put in context, alongside your manual user registration form the user will be more likely to opt for the easier, less time consuming option.

Automatic Login

Many websites and apps have enhanced its login process to facilitate self-registration, considerably improving the user experience.