The Apps Screen shows a list of all the Xeerpa Connections (Apps), separated by Brands.

At the top of the Screen, there's a horizontal bar where you can filter the Social Networks.


In this example, you can see that the Client "Demo" has a Brand called "Auth". There are 10287 profiles who have logged in through all the Xeerpa Connections of the Client "Demo", and only 4 who have logged in through a Connection belonging to the Brand "Auth":

Auth Brands







Apart from that information, the list on the right side of the Dashboard show all the Xeerpa Connections organized by Brands.

App Fb








In this example, you can see that the Brand "OnTheLevelProductions" integrated a Facebook Login in a Wi-Fi portal and has registered 54 profiles so far. The first profile logged in on 05/05/2017 and the last one on 21/06/2017.

You can also gather the amount of profiles who shared their e-Mail, CRM Profile, Date of Birth, Location, Likes, Marital Status, Vocational Training, Education, Events, Friends and Friend Connections.

Finally, separated in pink and blue, there are three different profile counters: 24h, 7 days and 1 month.

You can also add a Xeerpa Connection to the Filters Bar by placing the mouse cursor over the Connection and clicking in the lens.