3rd Party Integrations

Xeerpa is compatible with almost all market Customer Management Softwares (DMPs, CRM, Data Warehouse, Campaign Manager Platforms, BI Platforms...). Please, contact support@xeerpa.com so that we can advise you about the integration of Xeerpa with the technology you are allready using at your company.

Xeerpa is also compatible with the following 3rd party platforms:

Cool Tabs Logo

Cool Tabs is a social media marketing platform designed to be used to manage marketing campaigns on various social networks and on a company's website. Generate new leads through quizzes, promotions, and competitions, maximize your presence on the social media to get new followers with our FacebookTwitter and Instagram applications, and increase social traffic in your website from any device or channel. Easily track the performace of your social media properties (content, hashtags and geotags) with the Page Performance application; and analyze campaign results with the Cool Stats application.






Easypromos is a global leader in digital promotions offering a self-service, easy-to-use platform which allows you to create and manage digital campaigns seamlessly across any social media network or device. As one of the very first digital promotions apps around, Easypromos offer a problem-free experience for administrators and participants – with zero programming expertise required.